mtCellEdit 3.0 Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of the Qt 5 based GUI programs in the mtCellEdit suite.

mtCellEdit 3.0


mtCellEdit 3.0 is a very big milestone.  I haven't added anything major to the list of features but I have re-organised a large amount of the project and it source code:

  • I have removed all of the GTK+ code in favour of Qt.  As an end user I prefer Qt widget and dialog design.  As a developer I prefer creating GUI programs using Qt as I find it simpler, cleaner and more flexible.  I have read that the GTK+ team are now to focus on making future versions of the toolkit more stable and developer/user friendly.  I would welcome this, and would be happy to consider using GTK+ again if these dreams are realised.
  • I have moved the C codebase to C++ as I find its benefits too tempting to resist (classes, namespaces, and better type safety).  These few items have helped me write cleaner and clearer code with stricter design enforcement by the compiler.  C++ isn't ideal as a programming language due to its complexity.  However, these few items make a nice addition to my programming toolbox.

Other changes since 2.7 are:


libmtPixy, libmtPixyUI, mtPixy, mtPixyCLI, mtPixyUtils
Added a new image editing GUI program and libraries, etc.

GTK+2 version removed.
Colour swatch size now proportional to font size.

GTK+2 version removed.

C++03 & C++14 standards now enforced for test builds.