The latest development version of mtCellEdit is here:


Hopefully the big release of version 3 will be ready in the spring now that about 90% of the work for this release has been completed.

The tarball includes a new project called mtPixy which is a very simple pixel image editor.  It was inspired by rgbPaint which I created 10 years ago, which itself was a fork of mtPaint.  I'm exploring some new ideas to see how they work out.  The UI has been re-imagined so that it is more flexible.  For example the UI icons and palette are scalable to suit whatever the user wants.

The current architecture diagram of the whole mtCellEdit suite is now as follows:

Here are the installed binary packages on Debian 7 (i386), sorted by installation size:

Here is the source tree as analysed by mtRaft, tree, and sloccount:

Here are some screenshots of the GUI in action:


mtCellEdit 2.7


Changes since 2.6 are as follows:

Graph text, Sheet Export Output text, Sheet GUI text, all now rendered with Pango.  Moving to Pango enables font substitution, kerning, etc.
BUGFIX for exporting vector based graphs.

libpng code removed.
Polygon code removed.
libmtIMG dispersed into libmtKit & libmtCedUI.

mtString added.

qexSaveFileDialog added.

Default toolkit is now Qt5.
Options->Text Style menu options now allow Italic, Underline (Single, Double, Wavy), Strikethrough.

Default toolkit is now Qt5.
GTK+2 version removed.
Back end migrated to C++ classes.
Major parties have their colours listed in the index file.
Summary results table now includes all parties.
Map is now rendered using Cairo with extra formats for file export (EPS, PDF, PNG, PS, SVG).
Diagram now shows the relationship between 2 user selectable parties, and other parties.
New map modes added.

Default toolkit is now Qt5.

Test Suite
Centralised into ./test/
mtGenTex program added to power a long soak test.