mtCellEdit 2.5



  • If you have Fontconfig on your system, it is used at compile time to set the default font.
  • The new default location for program preferences is ~/.config/mtcelledit/prefs.txt
  • The new location for temporary clipboard data is ~/.cache/libmtCedUI/clipboard.ledger.zip

These changes are fairly minor in code terms, but help the program better integrate with modern GNU/Linux systems.  See more here:


I don't blindly follow what standards people suggest (as their goals may be different to mine).  However, in this case I do think it would be an improvement as it leaves less clutter in the home directory and avoids the hassle of selecting a font.  Naturally the user can override the defaults by using a command line switch to set the prefs file, or by using the program preferences to set the font file and size.

Other changes include:

  • Maximum column width changed to 250 characters.
  • FreeBSD port added.
  • Desktop integration files added for mtEleana & mtRaft.
  • Directory structure changed (no internal version numbers, desktop and handbook files merged into mtcelledit).  Top level is now "mtcelledit-X.Y[.year.day.time]" with X.Y being the last stable version and optionally date and time for development versions.
  • Minor bugfixes.
  • Man pages added to the 6 apps.  README.txt files removed from subdirectories, and history now in NEWS.txt files.  Program documentation removed from --help switch.  This all avoids needless duplication.  Man pages are for quick reference such as command line usage.  The handbook is for deeper reading such as history, philosophy and practical examples.
  • mtEleana: cleanups and new search facility for the Qt versions.
  • cedutils can now receive data from stdin using "-i -", and print output to stdout using "-o -".  In other words the cedutils progs can now be used with pipes. Another joy of unix comes to the mtCellEdit suite. :)
  • mtCellEdit (Qt versions) now have a menu toggle to switch interaction with the system clipboard on and off.  This is useful for copying large amounts of data around a sheet or book internally as it is faster than involving the system clipboard or temp files.
  • Binary and hex numbers can now be larger than 2^32.  See the handbook section A.6.4 for details of these and other numerical limits.
  • It has been announced that the Google Code website will soon die so I have removed all references to the old website in the source tree and Sourceforge website.  If I missed any links, please let me know.  The new home page is mtcelledit.sf.net which holds a general description and useful links.  The website files are also in the source tarball.