mtCellEdit 2.3

Here is the latest release of mtCellEdit:


As well as the usual bugfixes and stepwise refinements I also added Qt4 and Qt5 ports of the GUI programs.  These versions don't compile by default so you need to read the handbook section 3.6 to build them (i.e. GTK+2 remains the default platform for the GUI programs).

I have taken this opportunity to experiment with a new design on the right hand side to house the extra features inside tabs; including a new view area:

These features are very experimental, and will probably never appear in the older GTK+2 version.  However, I think its important to try new things and explore new ways of solving problems.  Using C++ and Qt to create a GUI is very different to using C language and GTK+, and is a useful way to broaden my horizons for the future.