mtCellEdit 2.2

The latest release is here:


This is an unexpected release because of changes in Giflib 5 which made mtCellEdit version 2.1 fail to compile.  Version 2.2 should now compile and run with Giflib 4 or 5.

Build scripts have been improved, with RPM package management now supported.


mtCellEdit 2.1

Here is the latest mtCellEdit source code:

This release changes very little in the GUI program, just a few adjustments for re-factoring of the libraries and also some code improvements.  There were some useful contributions from other people in the areas of documentation and desktop integration which I also include in this release as they will probably be helpful to others as well.

The source code package now contains a new program called mtCedCLI, which is a command line spreadsheet program.  It has all of the facilities of mtCellEdit, but presented via a command line interface.  This is all detailed in the handbook.