mtCellEdit 2.0

I released a new version of mtCellEdit here:


I did a lot of re-factoring, hence the new major version.  There were bugfixes, clean-ups, GUI tweaks, performance optimizations, and the odd new feature (e.g. CSV file loading and clipboard transforms).  Also, it now compiles and runs on x86-64 CPU's (as well as 32 bit x86 and ARM).


djing said...

Hi Mark

I just tried to compile the source of stable (2.5) realease of mtcelledit

compilation ended up successfully (with default gtk2 interface)

but trying to build the qt4 build I has these errors (I attach the link to full log)

I used Qt libs 4.7.3 (staticaly linked)

log here:

maybe it is needed an higher qt libs version?

Mark Tyler said...

Hello djing.

Thanks for the feedback.

Qt4.7 might work, I'm not sure as I have only tested with version 4.8.5 or later. The reason for the failure is that you are trying to statically link the Qt libraries rather than dynamically linking.

The way I have designed the build system and the program generally is to dynamically link the program as this makes system management much easier. For example when updating the core libs on the system you wouldn't need to recompile mtCellEdit again.

Is it possible for you to install the dynamic libs on your system?

Mark Tyler said...

Hello djing.

I've just tested mtCellEdit 2.5 on an old Slackware system and although it does compile the Qt4 version against Qt 4.7 there does seem to be a graphics bug regarding RGB rendering.

As a result of this my advice would be to either use Qt 4.8 (if possible) or the GTK+2 version if that is not available.