mtCellEdit 1.4.0

I have just released version 1.4.0 of mtCellEdit here:


Graphing facilities are now integrated into the main GUI with data stored in the CED/ZIP book file format.  Graphs can be exported to various file formats including PNG, PDF and SVG.  Cells can now have various types of borders.  Sheets can now be exported as HTML files.

Here are some screenshots from the mtCellEdit test suite:

Just to demonstrate how output can be exported and used in another context, here are some shots of other programs viewing the test suite:

Despite putting in a lot of work into this release, the program and its support libraries are still reasonably small as outlined in this table:


Henk Harmsen said...

very fast and clean!
i can't work out how to make a graph though, how does that work?

Mark Tyler said...

Hello Henk. Glad you like the speed and cleanliness of the program. Yes, graphing is somewhat fiddly to master. Probably the best way to learn how to use graphs is to study the example graphs in the test suite, which can be found in the example data ZIP file. Then read section 4.6 and A.7 of the handbook to see how I constructed the graphs. The handbook documentation is in the /doc/ section of the binary tar file and the source ZIP file.

The fiddly part of graphing in mtCellEdit is that you are effectively writing a computer program to do the graphing, whereas in other programs its more of a point and click affair which is easier. The reason I chose this more complex approach is to give myself more power and flexibility. Not only can mtCellEdit create traditional line and bar graphs, but its also possible to create graphs that other programs cannot create such as timelines and structure diagrams.