mtCellEdit 1.0.0 Screenshots

Here are the screenshots showing mtCellEdit version 1.0.0 editing the test suite file:

Here are the screenshots for the example programs:

mtCellEdit 1.0.0 Released

mtCellEdit now has enough features and is stable enough for version 1.0.0.  The testing and tweaking of the last few months is over.  The source code and GNU/Linux binary files are here:


I've found this program and code very useful over the last year, so I thought it was worth sharing it just in case someone else finds it useful too.


Frozen Panes & Find Dialog

I managed to spend a few hours on mtCellEdit over the Easter break and I implemented pane freezing and a find feature.  Here is a screenshot depicting these features in action:


mtCellEdit Update

Progress on my mtCellEdit spreadsheet program has been slow over the last year due to time constraints (which is why I haven't published any code in over a year), but here is the latest screenshot of the development version:

It can now edit multiple sheets in a single file (using a ZIP file as a container), I can use coloured backgrounds and foregrounds, copy/paste now uses the system clipboard, and columns can have whatever width you want.  The back end C library is about 50K of object code, and the GUI is about 56K so once the program is completed it should be as light as a simple text editor.  This will be great for my old PC hardware as Gnumeric/OpenOffice are way too slow to use comfortably.