mtCellEdit 3.3

Here is the latest architecture diagram:

Changes since version 3.2:

Databases now get locked when in use.
Refactored & debugged after analysis and testing.

BUGFIX - mtkit_set_filename_extension() finds last . after last /

Merged into libmtPixy.

BusyDialog added.


cmp, fade added.

Menu bar & BusyDialog replace the previous UI elements.

Man pages and Handbook HTML files are now created during the build and are not pre-prepared.
Empty directories removed so packages can be built using a git repo.
AppImage builds now include mtPixy & mtRaft & all handbooks.

Empty directories removed so packages can be tested using a git repo.


Many manually created PNG image files have been removed in favour of automated creation via SVG files and Inkscape.  GUI App icons updated.
Debian 7, C++03, Qt4, is now the baseline test system.  Ubuntu, C++17, Qt5, is now the modern test system.


The above architecture diagram contains a secret file!  If you use mtDataWell you can unpack the file:

  • Click on the above PNG image, and download it to the "Downloads" directory.
  • Open mtDataWell (e.g. using the AppImage from GitHub) and drag the PNG file from your file browser onto the "Input File(s)" section.
  • Choose a suitable output directory, e.g. "Downloads" by dragging this directory onto the output section from your file browser.
  • Select the menu option "Tap->Extract File(s)", and you get the source code tarball for version 3.3.

Here is a screenshot to demonstrate this procedure using the Salix Live DVD: